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Potato Bacon Soup, 2 ways

The Pacific Crest Grill, on the main street of Truckee, is a favorite lunch spot of mine. On a chilly spring day we ordered their

The Pacific Crest Grill

The Pacific Crest Grill

satisfying potato bacon soup. Christen Horner, the Assistant General Manager at The Pacific Crest Grill, promised she would send the recipe, and she did. They start their recipe with leftover mashed potatoes, reason enough to make too many the night before. If you are starting with fresh potatoes use the second recipe, which we enrich with Smoked Gouda cheese.

“We basically make the potato soup to use up the leftover mashers from the night before (we try not to waste too much here). Our chef is Melinda Dorn and here is her Potato Bacon Soup- this is obviously for a large restaurant portion…” wrote Christen.

Pacific Grill’s Potato Bacon Soup

2 lbs leftover mashed potatoes
6 onions
2 lbs cream
1/2 lb bacon-rendered, chopped
3 Tbs Roasted Vegetable Bouillon (Base)
1 lb roux (1/2 lb butter, 1/2 lb flour)
Water to desired thickness

Sauté onions in rendered bacon fat.
Add roux, mashed potatoes, cream
Add water until desired thickness is reached
Puree with immersion blender
Add bacon pieces
Add base a little at a time to prevent over salting

Thanks to Melinda Dorn and Christen Horner fro their recipe.

Potato Bacon Soup with Smoked Gouda

The addition of Smoked Gouda (sometimes called Smoked Dutch Cheese) makes all the difference in this soup. It brings out the smokiness of the bacon, enriches the texture and adds a nurturing heartiness to the finished product. The cheese is added during the pureeing process.

6 slices smoked bacon
1 yellow onion, peeled
3 large garlic cloves, peeled
2 lbs. Yellow Finish or other waxy potato (see Cook’s Note below)
4 cups chicken stock
1 tsp. freshly grated nutmeg
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
Salt to taste (determined by the salt of the stock… usually you will need to add some to enhance flavors)
8 ounces Smoked Gouda cheese

Roughly chop the bacon, onion and garlic. Over medium heat, cook in a heavy soup pot for 10 minutes. Meanwhile peel the potatoes and cut into quarters. Add the potatoes, stock and seasonings to the pot. Bring to a gentle boil, cover, reduce heat and let simmer for 30 minutes. Remove the pot to cool.

When the soup is cool enough to handle, strain out ¼ of the potato chunks and roughly dice them. Set aside, in a large bowl. Cut the Gouda into chunks (including the dark rind). Grate in a food processor, using the grater disk.  Add the cheese to the bowl with the potato chunks. Replace the grater disk with the regular cutting blade. Puree the soup in batches, adding it to the bowl.

Taste for salt, it should be a bit high as the potatoes will reduce the salt as the soup cools.

Cook’s Note: Best for soups and chowders:   Yukon gold potato, Yellow Finn potato, red-skinned potato, white round potato, and purple potato:



  1. Okay, it’s Saturday morning and DiAnn wants to try this recipe. We bought the smoked Gouda at Costco this week. Will let you know how it goes–I’m confident.

    • Terry and DiAnn:
      How did the Potato Bacon Soup come out? Hope it was a cool day when you made it.

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