Posted by: acooksca | 06/13/2012

Strawberry and Blackberry Sorbet

Strawberry and Blackberry Sorbet

Strawberry and Blackberry Sorbet

Strawberries add a fresh brightness to sorbets while blackberries add depth. You can use any berries but a combination of these two berries make my favorite berry sorbet. Late spring or early summer is the time to make it, when you can buy both berries fresh.

You truly need only one piece of equipment to make this recipe, a large sieve. It is easier if you have a food processor or blender but you could mash the berries well without one. A sorbet maker (ice cream maker) will get the proper consistency but you could chill the mixture in a large pan and scrape it periodically as it freezes to make a granita. But the one piece of equipment you must have is a hand sieve. Berry seeds are so annoying they ruin the final product. Make the simple syrup earlier in the day, several hours before you freeze the sorbet, so it has time to chill.

Simple Syrup:

2 C. water
2 C sugar
Boil to 1 ¼ c volume, chill

2 pints or 24 oz. fresh berries (you can use frozen)
Splash lemon juice if berries are very sweet

Wash and remove the stems from the berries. Puree berries with lemon juice and ¼ c syrup. Stain through a hand seive into a bowl to remove all seeds and add the remaining 1 c. simple syrup. Run in an ice cream maker to a thick consistency and freeze a least 1 hour before serving.


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