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Crab, Artichoke and Sourdough Salad

Crab Artichoke Salad

Crab Artichoke Salad

This simple and stylishly constructed salad features three typically San Franciscan products. Until about 20 years ago we dropped our crab traps off piers in the Bay. But now Dungeness crabs are collected from outside the Golden Gate. Fresh artichokes are harvested in nearby coastal fields from Half Moon Bay to Castroville, the area accounting for 95% of all commercial artichokes in the U.S. Since gold rush times, the combination of cool maritime air and wild native yeasts have provided a unique and tangy sourdough bread like nowhere else.


1 loaf sourdough bread
Olive oil to brush
One clove garlic, peeled

Slice several 1 ½ -inch thick slices from the sourdough loaf.  Cut four 2-inch circles from the center of the slices, brush with olive oil and toast in the oven to a light golden color. Remove and rub with the garlic.


4 large fresh artichokes, cooked (or frozen, do not use jarred as these taste of preservative)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt and pepper

Using a small knife, remove the leaves, stem and the hairy inside choke from the artichokes leaving only the cup-shaped bottom. Slice the bottoms into ¼” thick slices and toss gently with the lemon, oil and seasonings.

Basil Dressing and Crab

1 bunch fresh basil, de-stemmed
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons lemon juice
½ cup olive oil
salt and pepper
½ pound fresh crabbed meat
handful baby lettuces

In a processor place the basil, mustard, lemon juice and a few tablespoons of water and process into a smooth dressing.  Season well with salt and pepper. Combine half of the dressing with the carb meat. Use the rest of the dressing to drizzle around the edges of 4 salads plates.


Set a circle of sourdough on each plate.  Top with artichoke slices.  Add a layer of crab and top with a few leaves baby lettuces.  Add a few grinds of black pepper over the salads and serve at once with extra sourdough on the side.


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